Yoga Therapeutics: Staying safe, healing injuries, and treating common health conditions

This workshop will teach you how to keep yourself and your yoga students safe in their yoga practice, and how to heal injuries if they happen. You will learn how to practice yoga safely even with various physical limitations, and will also learn how to teach yoga safely to people with limitations. We will learn the basic principles of staying safe, including how to learn to listen to your body instead of your ego. We will cover common yoga injuries and learn how to prevent their occurrence through improved alignment and increased body awareness. We will also cover how to heal muscle and tendon tears if and when they occur, and how to prevent the all too common pattern of re-injury. Lastly, we will learn specific movements and poses that are particularly useful for a number of common health conditions, including different kinds of back pain, headache, insomnia, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, carpal tunnel, S-I joint derangement, sscoliosis, and more.

In this workshop, you will learn

• How to practice (and teach) Ahimsa (non-harming)
• How to work with your own limitations and with limitations of your students
• How to modify poses for different abilities, and how to know when it is best to refrain completely from a particular pose
• Practices and counterindications for specific common conditions
• Relevant anatomical and physiological concepts
• The importance of mindfulness and acceptance to staying safe and maximizing yoga’s benefits

Designed primarily for yoga teachers who want to learn how to help their students stay safe and how to help their students effectively address a number of common health conditions. This course is also great for students who have physical limitations, injuries, or specific health issues that they would like to address with their yoga practice.


• Session 1 (Sat 9:30-12:30): Staying Safe: Injury, Ego Gratification, and Body Awareness; how the mind can hinder or help injury prevention and healing

• Session 2 (Sat 14:00-17:00): Yoga techniques for common ailments of the peripheral body: Hip, knee, foot, shoulder, and wrist issues

• Session 3 (Sun 9:30-12:30): Yoga techniques for common ailments of the axial body: Back pain, S-I joint issues, and postural imbalances, including hyperkyphosis/head forward position and scoliosis

• Session 4 (Sun 14:00-17:00): Common mental conditions and specific yoga techniques to address them, including breath work, meditation, and restorative yoga: Chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia

For sessions 2 through 4, a questionaire will be circulated the week before the workshop to determine which conditions are of greatest concern among the registered students. We will then focus on the more relevant conditions in those sessions.

Prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites, though having an established yoga practice will allow you to get the most out of the workshop. No prior knowledge of anatomy or physiology is required, but a desire to know more about relevant anatomical and physiological concepts will be very helpful. This course is designed for all yoga practitioners and teachers who wish to practice and teach yoga safely and effectively regardless of physical ability or mental disposition. This course is primarily intended for yoga teachers, but has been designed to be accessible and useful even for beginning yogis. Yoga practices for specific health conditions of participants will be covered.

Cost: €120 if paid by September 13, €140 thereafter, for the entire 12 hour workshop. To register, please contact Henriette Oosten at All sessions can also be taken individually: One session is €45, two sessions are €85, and 3 sessions are €120 total. Registration for the full workshp also includes an extensive workshop manual. No early registration discount for fewer than 4 sessions.